Country schooling site, cultural station for young and adult people of the Augsburg's diocese

The Bruder-Klaus-Heim is located in Violau, a village with about 100inhabitants at roughly 30 km west of Augsburg in Bayern (southernGermany). The major places around are Altenmünster and Zusmarshausen.

The Augsburg's diocese totally sponsors the structure thus giving an important contribution to various activities of young and adult people Bruder-Klaus-Heim is open to all groups that wish to stay there andwork together for some days or weeks.
Bruder-Klaus-Heim can offer board and lodging for groups up to 150 people. The groups have extremely diversified interests: school classes promote their integration in Violau and pupils experience new things together; choirs retire here before a concert; specialization training for social welfare, economy and science, also take place here; at Bruder-Klaus-Heim meet groups of families, people with common interests and those who find here a quite place for religious meditation and other things.
The Bruder-Klaus-Heim is expressly intended for group activities, so it has primarily got rooms with 2, 4 and 5 beds instead of single ones. A number of big and small rooms is available, among these: 12 rooms for various meetings, 3 workshops, a gymnasium, a skittle-track, a dancing room, special rooms with table-soccer, billiard, bowling, a dark room and a meditation facility.
The "Schwäbisches Himmelreich", a huge 250 square meters (2700 square feet) room, is ideal for the larger groups.
The hosts take advantage of the internal catering service; vegetables and salad come from our own garden.
You can have the meals in one of the two eating rooms. In this case as well, common activities have the priority: everybody tries to help as much as he can, laying the table, carrying the food, cleaning and drying. These things are also part of the life together!

This marvelous building is surrounded by a very large external plant. It's surface is 90000 square meters (22 acres) and partially covered by a little 14000 square meters lake which is quite suitable for natural observation and boat tours. There is a camping area, a soccer ground, a fun-park with attractions for the younger and the older ones of our guests, a small heated swimming pool, several patios with garden chairs and tables, a garden, various fountains with drinking water and water figures, fruit trees, pizza and bread baking ovens, fireplaces and much more.
This external plant is completed by lots of animals: cats, birds, rabbits, guinea-pigs, pigeons, ducks, sheeps, goats, ponies and horses. Children and adults can easily get acquainted with all these animals.
The hosts can organize quite a few outdoor activities: the nearby forest, the Aspach and Zusam valleys, a bit further away, are pleasant places for walking or trekking. The length of the walks is not limited by the time of the indoor meals, because we can arrange for you food to take away, that you can eat in the middle of the nature.
It is also possible to visit, upon preliminary agreement, the local agricultural and industrial enterprises.

A fully equipped astronomical observatory, concludes the list of what Bruder-Klaus-Heim can offer to you. Astronomy becomes here an experience for everybody: not just a quick look trough the telescope, but also the understanding of the more abstract part of this discipline.

If you are interested in what we can offer you, please contact us at the following address:

Bruder-Klaus-Heim, St. Michael Strasse 15
D-86450 Violau - Altenmünster
Tel. 0049-8295-1097
Fax 0049-8295-499