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1. Reports about deportation and persons repatriated to Kosova
erhaltene Berichte - received reports
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The European parliament in a meeting in Strasbourg on July 16 adopted a resolution on Kosova. Its member states decided:
      7. to call on the Commission and the Council to provide all necessary humanitarian aid to the victims of and the refugees from the acts of violence and call on member states to stop returning refugees and asylum seekers to Kosova where protection cannot be guaranteed;
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2. Daily Reports from KIC (Kosova Information Center)
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3. news from ARTA /ATA / RFE/RL NEWSLINE and so on
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Kosova president meets OSCE delegation

      PRISHTINE, July 18 (QIK) - Head of the Republic of Kosova Ibrahim Rugova held talks on Saturday in Prishtina with a delegation of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) which included representatives of some member states and headed by the German ambassador Hans Joerg Eiff.
      The ambassador Eiff said that "this delegation is in Kosova to see the situation on the ground and consider the possibility to return the OSCE mission in Kosova."
      "The delegation is considering possibility of sending the mission of Felipe Gonzales, personal representative of the OSCE chairman-in-office Bronislaw Geremek," Eiff said.
      Rugova said that due to the Serb brutal attacks hundreds of Albanian civilians have been killed, wounded or missed within these months and other dozens and thousands have been forced to flee or uproot. He said that "this marks the start of a wide-scale process of ethnic cleansing in Kosova" and called for urgent measures to stop the Serb agression.
      Referring to a political solution, Rugova said that Kosova was an equal unit as others within former Yugoslavia. He added that after the breakup of the federation, the Kosova people took advantage of the right to declare independence through referendum.
      "The best solution is an independent, neutral Kosova open towards Kosova and Serbia with all guarantees for the Serbs of Kosova and their interests," Rugova said.
      Responding to the interest of the OSCE delegation, Rugova said that the first meeting of the parliament of the Republic of Kosova, resulted from the March 22 elections, was an important act for the institutionalisation of the life and strengthening of the democratic order in Kosova. He said that a politically wide ranging coalition government would be formed soon.
      Rugova thanked the OSCE for its interests on the Kosova issue and said that he was waiting for Kosova be an OSCE member. sh.dha/ak/

Albania ready to face any provocation, threat to its sovereignty

      TIRANA, July 18 (ATA) - The government of the Republic of Albania severely denounced on Saturday the Serb barbarous acts and genocide in the state border between Albania and the Yugoslav Republic Federation and said that "it ready to face any provocation and threat to Albania's territorial sovereignty and integrity," the Albanian government said in a statement issued on Saturday.
      The Albanian government considered these actions as open provocations aimed at engulfing Albania in the flames of a regional conflict on an extremely dangerous scale.
      Early on Saturday scores of people were killed and wounded in the state border between Albania and Yugoslav Federation Republic as a result of wide-scale military and police operation against civil and innocent Albanian population of Kosova (who make up 90 percent of the population there) directly threatening the integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Albania.
      The government of the Republic of Albania urgently calls on the international community and especially on governments of the United States and other Contact Group, United Nations, NATO and OSCE member states to immediately take extraordinary measures to interrupt the fascist-like aggression of Belgrade authorities against the Albanian population with all efficacious means they possess, it said.
      "The escalation of Serb aggressive actions in Kosova against innocent people shows once again that the military machine of Serb chauvinism is not stopped with statements and resolutions but only with determined, concrete and unequivocal actions," the statement said.
      "The solution to the Kosova issue, keeping the Balkans out of the war fevers imposes a restraint policy free from chauvinist platforms and peacefully-oriented solution with the contribution of all international community," the statement ended. s.s/mima/ak/

Albanian diplomat visits Prishtina

      PRISHTINA, July 18 (ATA) - Charge d'affair of the Albanian Embassy in Belgrade Florian Nova arrived on Saturday in Prishtina for a two-day visit to see the situation on the ground.
      The Albanian diplomat met late on Saturday with the newly elected parliamentary Speaker in Kosova the Academician Idriz Ajeti and his collaborators as well as with the leaders of the Democratic League of Kosova.
      Nova was expected to meet with other state and political leaders in Kosova. bj/ak/

Fighting continues in Rahovec

      PRISHTINE, July 19 - ATA correspondent Behlul Jashari reported that heavy fighting between the Albanian and Serb forces continued for the third day in succession in the city of Rahovec and its suburbs, according to Fadil Gashi, the correspondent of the "Bujku" daily in Rahovec, who was following the developments on the ground.
      The telephone connections have been interrupted due to fighting in the city.
      The same source said that war zones had been extended since early in the morning and the Serb heavy artillery was shelling the Drenoc village.
      Sources on the ground reported that two Albanians Emin Krasniqi, 21, and Servet Krasniqi, 25, were killed and many others injured. The village of Bellacerke was engulfed in the flames following Serb pounding. mp/mima/ak/

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4. Reports from Human Rights Organisations
    especially CDHRF (Council for the Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms, Prishtina) _________________________________________________________________________
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6. Background-information
7. earlier news - so far as room is given by my provider on the server
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Die Bibel sagt 
      So spricht der HERR, der dich geschaffen hat: 
      Fuerchte dich nicht, 
      denn ich habe dich erloest; 
      ich habe dich bei deinem Namen gerufen; 
      du bist mein! 
         Jesaja 43, 1
    Luther-Bibel 1984
The Bible says 
      But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, 
      Fear not:  
      for I have redeemed thee,  
      I have called [thee] by thy name; 
      thou [art] mine. 
       Jesaja 43, 1
    Authorized Version 1769 (KJV)
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