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47s in Historic Racing


Oliver Mathai and 47GT/54F

Franco Pedrazzi and 47GT/21


Goncalo Gomes and James Claridge from CMS and 47GT/13 after restoration


Jim Clark Revival Hockenheim April 15th

Both 47 and 46 were displayed in the second floor of the pits to show resemblance. The award for the best historic car went to the 46?!


Demo run Japan


Simon Hadfield and his 47GT/53


Lotus Club Austria Loser Hillclimb Event August 22nd

47GT/71 ran beautifully on TJ-FI beyond 2000/min, but no idling and, off course, water/oil melange afterwards, restauration halted, see Main Page

Final static display Youtube video of Tecalemite-Jackson failure

Injection completely installed, adjusted, and inwardly and outwardly in perfect working order - nope

Static display Youtube video of Tecalmite-Jackson Primary Circuit

Primary circuit now almost bubble free and almost fuel tight. Release air does not count as it represents the amount of fuel that enters the engine at idle


New Jersey Thunderbolt Motorsport Park August 15th

Dynamic display Youtube video

47GT-74 in action


Salzburgring Sounds of Speed August 25th

That is how far the car went during this weekend. I had been stupid enough to adjust the clutch in a way that it proved impossible to engage a gear.

tatic display Youtube Video

Dynamic First Meter Youtube Video prior in time

Whilest intended to test electrics ( not showm), the session transformed itself into proof of perfect gearshift and clutch operation. I have

no idea what happend on the way to Salzburg (aprox. 250kms)

Donington May 6th

47GT-13 was heavily dammaged when a spinning Cooper Monaco hit the sidelined car during a historic GT race

Lotus Festival Donington

At Historic Lotus Register stand :47GT-68, 47GTA-69 and 47GT-25

Enginebay 47GTA-69

At Kelvedon Motors stand: 47GT-78



Malcolm Ricketts had his son Martin`s immaculately restored GT-68 fired up and ran the car up and down in front of the main entrance of the Donington exhibition centre. Very, very impressive! I sat on the passengers´s seat. That was an experience that I had waited for for more than thirty years. Thank you, Malcolm!

Pictures shows the "German Esprit Sports 300 Owners Club" beside the car and beside themselves

Main attraction for the 47eners was the rebuilt GT-69


Donington : no 47, but interesting news about #68 and #69. Both cars will be in running condition later this year. Martin is about to show up at Goodwood "Festival of Speed" at the wheel of the car that is pictured above. Restoration to the highest standards now almost completed. John´s ex works 47A has got her GLTL livery redone.

Summer 2004: The US located 47GT-74 had her first time out after a complete restoration

December 2004 : The "Mercedes" car 47GT-30 restoration has been completed and the tyres have already left black marks on the floor of the cellar garage.


Donington Festival

# 71 was displayed on the LDC stand

Public interest was high , a lot of visitors thought that it was an S1 Europa

First owner of chassis No 80, Claude Serre, shows the car to his wife, Andrew Short ( No 51) looks on, Hermes Europa owner Steve Jarvis finds driving position identical to the later cars.

The remains of #82 have been discovered in Brazil. The body is burned. The original frame is o.k. and many crucial parts are in good condition. Will be restored.


The fabulous untouched matching numbers ex- Peter Gaydon 47 # 68 was on display in Donington. It will be restored, but the attempt will be made to save the patina as far as possible.

Lotus 47 GT-68

Gerard Moroney of Wheeltorque Ltd. was with Lotus in those days. When I talked to him on the occasion of the 2001 Nürburgring Festival, he could straight away name the reason why private owners could not cope with the 47 fuel system. They could not get the air out of the system and henceforth converted to Webers. The solution would be quite simple: Put an extra little swirl pot in the primary circuit.

The technical situation in 2002 is slightly different: The problem is still the air in the system, but the difficulty has risen from easy to impossible.