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47GT - 01 converted red 46, carbs, Mk9, Miles Team car no 117, Boxing Day winner, used to build KitchenerV8
47GT - 02 first real 47, Team car destroyed by fire in Brands Hatch when a weld of fuel tank cracked open
47GT - 03 Chris Barber´s car, Racing Show car, later Pistaccio, long and eventful racing history, Australia
47GT - 04 Team car "Snorckel", J. Calvert, crashed, rebuilt with CBU 78, white/BRG England
47GT - 05 Geoff Oliver? believed to be run by Hassler (proprietor of Spez.Mouldings), driver P. Jackson
47GT - 06 Belgium, Frank Dauwe ? probably never buildt
47GT - 07 Team Elite car raced by T. Taylor, D. Preston, J. Wagstaff, Lucas FI, later G. Pybus, Japan
47GT - 08 GB, Alan Forster, found in Lancestershire in 2006, lost again in 2007
47GT - 09 Canada, Bill Brack, later Jack Boxtrom, new body, still in existence as "47R-10"
47GT - 10 GB, Nick Moore Racing, driven by J.Blades, restored, GLTL Colours, US, now Carnival Red, Japan
47GT - 11 Portugal, Centro Aero Automobiliste, Lisbon, C.Santos, later Angola, H.Areias, Sweden
47GT - 12 GB, Malcolm Wayne, S. Hadfield restoration, YELLOW LOTUS BOOK, 1998 Japan
47GT - 13 Swizzerland, Ecurie Biennoise, Robert Huber, later BRM engine, Lucas injection. Damage 2007, now restored and resprayed in white colour, GB
47GT - 14 Rob Slotemaker, Theo Kinsbergen (NL national sportscar champion), crashed
47GT - 15 Portugal, L.Fernadez, later TEAM PALMA, E.Neves, A.P. de Morais, et al., FVA. Restored with 46A
47GT - 16 GB, A. Ramsey, Climax engine, eventful history, crashed in Vila Real 1968, rebuilt to GTA specs
47GT - 17 Austria ? probably never buildt
47GT - 18 Canada, T.Cicale built single snorkel car, located in Colorado until 1981, destroyed
47GT - 19 Portugal, destroyed by fire during first outing 1967
47GT - 20 GB, Winfield Racing, Climax FPF, for sale from S. Hadfield sans engine and gearbox 1982 ?
47GT - 21 Portugal, M. N. Pinto, later Angola, J.Figueiredo, now Italy
47GT - 22 GB, 2 pedalbox brackets for RH/LH drive, Team Diamond, restored by Kitchener, Japan ?
47GT - 23 GB? US?, Sports Motors Ltd.? Sports Motors Inc? Photo courtesy Louis G. Galanos
47GT - 24 GB, I. Crawford, advertised in Auto Sport 1975, GB, needs full restauration, for sale
47GT - 25 GB, red with white stripe, successfully raced by Jim Morley, restoration under way
47GT - 26 Portugal, J. B. Lampreia, destroyed by fire in 1969
47GT - 27 Australia, white, now metalic blue, under restoration, 1800 ccm Brian Hart engine
47GT - 28 GB, R. Walker ?
47GT - 29 never buildt
47GT - 30 "Mercedes" car, ordered by DB ltd. for evaluation , Monaco White, Zakspeed engine, Germany
47GT - 31 - 46 not "used"
47GT - 47 GB, R. Gordon, Moto-Baldet, US, restored using #50
47GT - 48 GB, Vanderwell road car, then owned and raced over years by Nick Atkins, restored, GLTL, NL
47GT - 49 Japan ?
47GT - 50 Replacement for #47, restored by S. Hadfield in the 1990ies, white, Japan
47GT - 51 GB, J. Nickolson, famously crashed, complete reconstruction on the way
47GT - 52 never built
47GT - 53 V. Walker car, V. Walker repurchase 1981, S. Hadfield 1982, restoration halted
47GT - 54 GB, D. Vinwell, restored 2012, FVA, Germany
47GT - 55 AUS P. Woodward ? Photo courtesy autopics.com.au
47GT - 56 delivered to Japan, modified and raced by TS "Happy"
47GT - 57 US, Lotus East ?
47GT - 58 US, Lotus Southwest, painted "Stars and Stripes" ?
47GT - 59 GB, yellow, J. Calvert, US ( Tony Griffith ) 1969-1982, road use, now UK?
47GT - 60 US, Lotus Midwest, Bobby Rahal´s first racing car, now back home, comeback in 2010, now Japan
47GT - 61 GB, crashed during Player´s Trophy race in Silverstone, hitting J. Calvert, rebuilt with CBU #77
47GT - 62 GB, Rob Walker, dark blue, also "GT-20" (frame number) and "Type 52". Japan, now US
47GT - 63 Hongkong, Wallace Harper, raced by K. Holland, killed David Ma in 1971, remains dumped into sea
47GT - 64 US, ex Ray Bisordi, GLTL colours, A. Bollinger, now Barber Motor Museum
47GT - 65 Sweden, Mr. Muzak, road legal, light metallic blue
47GT - 66 GB, P. Bond ?
47GT - 67 US, Lotus East, one owner, big rear shunt in 1968, repair with modifications, for sale 2011
47GT - 68 GB, P. Gaydon, Guards Red, restored, Japan
47GT - 69 Team car J. Miles, front and rear damaged during test drive, road use, reconstruction completed
47GT- 70 Team car J. Oliver, later T. Bunce, R. Bates, Lucas injection, Japan
47GT - 71 J. Sprinzel, H. Mundschitz (Austria), orange, FVA, now restored, BRMTC engine T-J FI, Germany
47GT - 72 P. Fitzwarryne ?
47GT - 73 Swiss, A. Chalut, LHD, FVA. R. Wurst, Germany. Hit armco, repair with S2 front section, Denmark
47GT - 74 US, yellow, now yellow over white,
47GT - 75 US, white, Tommy Smith since 1969, sold in 2006, under restoration for 2010 season
47GT - 76 GB, was road registred, under restoration with Lucas FI, Sweden
47GT - 77 CBU replacement for #61 after crash on 27.04.1968, US since 1982, now back in Europe
47GT - 78 CBU replacement for #4 after crash on 27.04.1968, new snorckels, white , green stripes, GB
47GT - 79 CBU replacement for T. Kinsbergen (Netherlands) car, now restored to GTA specifications, Japan
47GT - 80 France, C. Serre, Merak 3l engine, later raced with TC, restored GLTL colours, now back home
47GT - 81 GB, Pistacchio Green, Vic Walker "stock", 1982 J. Upton, destroyed
47GT - 82 Brasil, white, later GLTL colours, burnt, under restoration
47GT - 83 US, road legal, LHD, several repairs, now restored, Brian Hart engine, GLTL colours, Japan
47GT - 84 Portugiese delivery C.A.A., Lisbon, later Angola, destroyed
47GT - 85 1969 Racing Car Show project, GLTL colours, destined to Japan, US